Jesus College centralises fire alarm monitoring in student accommodation with Drax Technology Solution
Jesus College, one of the leading colleges in the University of Cambridge, has installed a new alarm monitoring system to enhance the level of protection in external staircases. These external staircases are located within houses, each house providing accommodation for 6 to 8 undergraduates.  The houses themselves are sited in numerous streets around the college campus.

The installation started in December 2013 with a pilot linking a single external staircase to Drax Technology’s AMX software solution installed on a PC in the Porter’s Lodge.  Located in First Court, the offices are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by a team of twelve Gate Porters.  Additionally, a Drax Technology SMaRT Watch module was installed using an existing broadband connection to transmit any fire and fault alarms from the previously installed, non-addressable fire panel to the central AMX monitoring workstation.  After the success of the pilot scheme, Jesus College ordered a further forty six SMarT Watch modules to extend the service to additional external staircases. 

The Drax Technology system demonstrates that Jesus College is taking positive steps to proactively protect the safety of students by ensuring that all installed fire alarm systems are regularly tested.  It enables the Porters’ Lodge to deliver a rapid and appropriate response for all alarm activations instead of having to rely on individuals to raise the alarm and eliminates the need for porters to physically travel to check the alarm panels for faults. The AMX platform will additionally help ensure that maintenance staff complete all testing to the required standard and speed up the production of monthly reports as electronic logbooks can now be maintained for each connected system for audit purposes. Finally, centralising the monitoring and management of connected fire alarm systems will deliver productivity improvements to the Porters’ Lodge staff. 

The Drax Technology system enables fire alarms installed in diverse locations to be centrally monitored and deliver higher levels of protection, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements including the ANUK Code of Practice for the Management of Student Accommodation.