Joined Up Thinking
​​Drax Technology has recently secured an order to supply AMX alarm management software to one of its twenty two accredited partners. The partner is currently involved in installing the AMX software to link two large accommodation buildings separated by a busy road and currently monitored by two separate teams of security personnel.

The newly appointed facilities management company responsible for security has grasped the opportunity to use technology to link not only fire alarms but also call systems, CCTV and security alarms to save costs. The integration of all of these alarms will allow for a reduction in the quantity of security staff needed to manage the two buildings saving significant money over the term of their contract. Both security rooms will remain however, to provide some redundancy in the event of a problem in the other building. 

A dedicated fibre optic cable was laid across the road to facilitate connection of the many disparate systems including the two AMX alarm management workstations that utilise TCP/IP to communicate with each other. AMX workstations have been provided, one in each of the two security rooms integrating three (21 panels and 3000 devices in total) fire alarm systems from three different manufacturers, two in one building and the third in the second building. 

Events from devices connected to each of the three systems are now all displayed on one monitor. However, the second PC workstation located in the, soon to be unmanned security room, has been supplied to allow for the local connection of the two fire alarm systems installed in that building and provide a hot stand-by in the event that the other building has to be evacuated.