Knowledge is Power!
​​If you have a responsibility to look after some of the building services in your workplace wouldn’t it be nice to know that there is a problem with your fire alarm system before someone else calls you. Especially if it’s out-of-hours and there is no one in the building. Well, Drax Technology’s AMX alarm management system can help. Most people these days have smart phones that receive emails. I bet some people have more than one email account they can view on their phone.
Using Drax Technology’s AMX alarm management system it is possible with the addition of the optional email module feature to create automated emails that can be sent straight to your mobile device 24/7. Depending how the email module is configured you could receive emails if there is a fault, or if there is a fire, or both. You could also get a history report detailing the previous 10 days of activity, emailed to your phone on a regular basis, say a Monday morning. You can even create a list of people who should receive the emails and send different event types, fires, faults or history reports to different recipients.

That’s not all. Why not add a filter as well? For example: if you only want to receive emails about fires or faults that occur in a particular area of the building, say a "test laboratory", or a "plant room", then by adding these particular key words, only fire alarm events that match the criteria are emailed to you. There are also some other useful settings that are designed to reduce unnecessary email traffic.

So, if you spend time away from the building you are responsible for, you can now stay in touch with what’s happening with your life safety equipment and be reassured that others have also been made aware of the issues.

For more information on this useful tool please contact one of our accredited partners who will be pleased to help.