Restaurant prices for a pie and a pint!
​​Have you ever felt that you are not getting value for money? Maybe in your local pub where you went for a pie and a pint and were charged restaurant prices, or perhaps that holiday you had earlier in the year where you stayed in a very 3 star looking 4 star hotel! So, do you feel that you are paying a fortune to get your organisation’s fire alarm systems tested? You don’t have a choice because legislation dictates that you must. However, knowing that you are getting value for money and avoiding the long arm of the law will provide you with peace of mind. The more we are in control, the more comfortable we feel.
Drax Technology’s AMX, alarm management system is designed to help and can provide that additional control. AMX allows reports to be generated that will firstly, show which fire alarm  devices were tested, when the last service call was made and more importantly list those devices that should have been tested but weren’t. Remember, you are paying the fire alarm maintenance company to test all 100% of the devices on your system but we know from experience not every device gets checked. That’s not necessarily the engineers fault, it could be that access was denied or there are issues around health and safety that prevented the work being carried out at that time. However, if there is a fire related incident in the building and it is found that the device in question has not been tested for years, it may well be you that ends up in court trying to justify why it wasn’t working.

Wouldn’t it be better that the reasons behind not testing a device are clearly documented and easily reported so some further action is taken. Wouldn’t it be rewarding to be able to go back to the fire alarm maintenance company and give them a list of all the devices that were not checked, before paying their invoice? And wouldn’t it make sense for the fire alarm maintenance company to access the information before attending site to identify the spares they may need, rather than having to make an expensive return visit, days later.

All this and a good deal more is possible with Drax Technology’s AMX, alarm management system.