Fire Alarm Systems and the Internet
The fire alarm industry is a conservative one that doesn’t change very quickly. This means the adoption of new technology has fallen behind other similar industries like security and CCTV who use the internet extensively. The internet is used daily by almost everyone working these days and has become a “can’t do without” tool. So why are organisations so reluctant to connect their fire alarm systems to it?

A lack of understanding and fear of fire safety legislation may have something to do with it. Well don’t be afraid to use technology that will not compromise the integrity of your existing fire detection and alarm system, will not land you in court but could in fact help you avoid the latter and save you money in the process.

Drax Technology’s SMaRT Watch modules are designed to bridge that gap between the fire alarm system and the outside world without compromising the existing building or its fire alarm system’s integrity.

Designed to work with all the major fire alarm control panel manufacturers control panels the SMaRT Watch module connects seamlessly collecting data and passing it on, over the internet to a remotely located PC equipped with Drax’s well proven AMX alarm monitoring software. A PC not just for monitoring whether there is a fire or a fault but for processing, collecting and storing really useful data from the many fire alarm systems connected to it. Data that used intelligently can not only provide peace of mind but save time, money, improve efficiency and productivity.

So, if you are a facilities management company, a retailer or manage a portfolio of buildings dotted about the town, city or country think about how useful it would be to know exactly what the building’s life safety system is doing when you are miles away.

And while you probably have a maintenance contract with regular visits from the fire alarm service provider, do you actually know what they doing when they are on the premises? How long they are there and exactly what they do and don’t test. Well SMaRT Watch can help by monitoring the devices tested and AMX provide reports to help you comply with legislation, comprehensively detail every event or action and confirm that you are receiving value for money.

Yes there is a cost but it’s a small amount of money when you consider the amount of useful data collected and what can be done with it. And then there is the connection to the internet. Most buildings have dozens of connections for desk top computers, printers and video conferencing, providing one more, close to the fire alarm control panel generally isn’t a chore. Where there isn’t a hardwired connection then there’s also the mobile phone network to consider as an alternative.