An Electronic Log Book, for a Digital Age
According to Government figures, the UK’s fire and rescue services attended nearly a quarter of a million false alarm incidents throughout the last two years, with the majority caused by faulty fire system apparatus. Yet, keeping thorough records of testing and maintenance of a property’s fire-safety system has been a legal obligation for commercial premises and houses with multiple occupants in England and Wales since the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 (RRFSO) was introduced.

The RRFSO is supported by BS 5839, a code of practice published by the British Standards Institute which recommends any owner of a fire detection system records all system events in a suitable logbook. In this digital age why not record accurately false alarms, as well as required maintenance and testing processes, automatically and electronically, to ensure compliance.  

Drax’s AMX software allows users to monitor system activity, abide by UK legislation, and have their records to hand in the case of audit. The AMX history data base proves particularly useful where a fire system comprises dozens of control panels and thousands of sensing devices. Reports can be configured to suit requirements and printed if needed. A powerful search facility also allows for specific events to be retrieved along with the activity that occurred, both prior to and subsequent to the event along with details of the operator logged on at the time. Reports on an individual device’s activity say, over a 12 month period, can also be accessed providing useful data on the reliability of the device and its suitability to the environment in which it is installed.

Additionally, weekly testing of service and maintenance activity can also be tagged and retrieved if needed. Other tools allow the user to classify events into groups, e.g. making the selection of unwanted alarms easier to quantify and measure the success of any improvements made. A further clever feature provides the facility to attach a random note to an event that can detail other useful information, all stored electronically for future retrieval.

Paper log books in this digital age are a thing of the past with illegible hand writing and the risk of losing vital information. Drax’s AMX software is not only an alarm management system used to monitor current events but one that fulfils a valuable role to ensure compliance with accurate record keeping for years to come.