Test your Fire Alarms weekly
​​Weekly testing of your premises fire alarm system is a legal requirement, forms part of your fire risk assessment and is covered by some powerful legislation, the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order. So don’t take the task lightly. Firstly, your fire alarm system should be tested weekly to ensure the alarm sounders in the building work and secondly, it is a requirement to test a different manual call point or smoke detector in a different zone each time the test is carried out. In our experience rarely do either of these key tasks happen as they should.

However, help is at hand. Drax Technology has SMaRT Web an automated solution that can not only email a reminder to the person responsible for carrying out the test but record exactly which device and when it was tested. How about that for compliance? And if that’s not enough the same SMaRT Web solution can also remind the service engineer when the maintenance is due to be carried out, what devices he should be checking and record that he has actually triggered them.

For the premises management responsible for fire safety all this recorded data is available to access from a smart phone, tablet or PC at anytime from anywhere. What could be easier!

So why not add SMaRT Web to your existing addressable fire alarm system and feel assured that you are doing all you should to protect your premises, staff and visitors. Why not contact us for more details on how we can help.