Reduce the long term cost of ownership of your fire alarm systems
If you, manage an establishment comprising a myriad of buildings then it is likely that you also have many fire alarm systems of different manufacture supplied installed and maintained by different specialist service and maintenance companies.

It is also likely that these systems will need replacing at different times due to the period of time since they were originally procured or major changes to buildings. At the same time you may also want to improve your businesses productivity and centralise the annunciation of all these different systems.

The solution you may have been offered probably involves replacing a large quantity if not all of your existing fire detection and alarm systems with one multi panel, networked fire alarm system from one manufacturer. This of course is a major undertaking, a costly one and one that probably locks you into one supplier.

Drax has a solution using it’s proven AMX software that firstly allows you to monitor all those existing systems, irrespective of who manufactured them and annunciate all the alarms centrally without having to invest in new fire detection and alarm systems.

Using Drax’s AMX software to integrate all these different fire alarm systems has a host of benefits not least of which is it will allow you the flexibility to replace the bits that need replacing on a piece meal basis over an extended period, whilst at the same time providing a common user friendly interface.

Benefits also include:
  • Comprehensive audit trail & asset register
  • Accurate record keeping using electronic log book
  • Assistance with RRFSO and fire risk assessment compliance
  • Productivity improvements
  • Faster, accurate and more appropriate response in the event of an alarm activation
  • Ability to monitor service and maintenance company productivity
  • Reduction in unwanted alarms

Consider the benefits and give us a call on 0345 459 2300 to chat about your requirements or arrange a demonstration.