How the NHS shines a light on the true cost of false alarms in your business
False alarms are costing hospitals a small fortune, how are you managing life safety in your business premises?

Every year, the fire Brigade receives more than 600,000 calls about blazes up and down the country. Of those calls a staggering 50% are false alarms; hospitals have been identified as responsible for the vast majority, particularly in London.

To address the problem, in 2014 the London Fire Brigade introduced a penalty charging scheme for excessive false fire alarm call outs, although at present the scheme is suspended for review.

But the action shows how seriously the brigade views this issue and need for action by hospital trusts. Last year, NHS Ayreshire and Arran issued an information sheet on the issue. It provided figures from Audit Scotland which estimate that it costs taxpayers £2,342 every time the fire brigade is called to a false alarm on hospital premises.

It lists the most common causes of fires in healthcare buildings as cooking equipment; aerosols; malicious or accidental operation of break-glass call points; steam from showers, kettles and dishwashers; residual dust; insects invading sensor chambers in smoke detectors; and fumes from vehicles and petrol-driven garden tools.

By far the most common is burnt toast! The document states that most of these false alarms are preventable.

To quote directly, ‘New smart technology is currently being used in a number of locations to cut down on false alarms.’

This is where we come in. Drax’s AMX software was developed to do just that - help reduce false alarms. This is achieved by collecting data on all fire detection and alarm systems, analysing said data, and instigating measures to ensure unwanted alarms do not re-occur. Sounds simple? It really can be, add to this cost savings, secured safety as alarms become reliable with necessary procedures adhered to correctly and you know you need to be contacting us for a no-obligation site survey.

Call 0345 4593005 to discuss ways we can use the latest technology to enable the life safety applications in your business function more cost effectively. We can also connect you with one of our local accredited partners that can carry out a holistic review of your life safety service and maintenance package.