Mass Notification App AmISafe to hit the UK Market
Drax Technology has been working hard to improve its product offering. The current AMX and complimentary SMaRT Cube and SMaRT Watch products continue to serve us well but like any business we need something fresh to ensure Drax Technology remains on the customer’s radar.
To this end, Drax Technology have, for the last 6 months, been developing it’s cloud services to further enhance the products mentioned above and provide users with new ways to access and view data harvested from the sites/systems they are responsible for.
“Cloud Connect” will comprise several different products. AMiSafe is a mass notification solution providing large organisations with the ability to effectively and accurately manage the evacuation of a large premises by making use of smart phones carried by most occupants. The product is aimed at students on campus, fire marshalls and staff located across large buildings or establishments such as hospitals, airports or large industrial complexes. All Drax Technology Cloud Connect related products require the existing AMX or SMaRT Cube to be connected to the internet.
AmISafe will require level 1 users (staff or students) to download an application on to their smart phone and register. Notifications can then be pushed to users when a life safety incident occurs such as a fire or even a terrorist attack. Notifications will only be sent to the registered users either in the building or close by the building affected to avoid complacency. Clear concise messages will direct personnel to leave the building (or maybe even stay where they are). Messages for most events will be automatically generated from Drax Technology’s proven AMX alarm management system and advise personnel to leave the building by a specific fire exit, further improving safety. Additionally, a map detailing the location of the appropriate muster point will be displayed by the app reducing the time taken to carry out the all-important roll call. AMiSafe also has the facility for the emergency services to override any automatically generated message with a manually created message should the situation require.
AMiSafe also provides the opportunity to distribute statutory notices such as “What to do in the event of a fire” and gain confirmation electronically that the notice has been read and understood by the user. This would normally take place as part of the registration process. Additionally, it’s also possible, if required, to push a notification to registered uses warning them of a weekly fire alarm test, just before it occurs. A further option exists to gather feedback following the weekly fire alarm test by using a message and simple on-screen buttons that ask the question “Did you hear the fire alarm sounders?”, “Yes/No”.
More detailed information (level 2 users) can be provided to key staff or fire marshall’s, to reduce search times. Information such as maps, COSH reports and manually generated instructions. All designed to help the emergency services and security staff manage a major incident more effectively.
Fire alarm bells or sounders have been used to evacuate buildings for years, but that’s all they do. As more and more people carry smart phones why not use the technology to improve their safety and the communication with them in the event of a major incident. How many times have we heard on the news following an incident like Grenfell Tower, Manchester Arena or the London Bridge terrorist attack, “we didn’t know what was going on”, “nobody told us what to do or where to go” or even when it was safe to move. AMiSafe addresses all these issues by significantly improving communications in these circumstances.

Cloud Connect has the added benefit for the end user that all events that have occurred on site are also automatically stored off-site should there be an unlikely but catastrophic failure or loss of the AMX PC or SMaRT Cube. None of the above affects the existing AMX or SMaRT Cube on site in any way. Connecting them to “Cloud Connect” simply provides an additional level of security for the data collected, further improving the system’s integrity.
If you would like Drax Technology to carry out a live demonstration of any of Drax Technology’s new “Cloud Services” based products then call us on +44 (0)345 459 3005, we would be pleased to hear from you.