Alarm Management Solutions

Software and hardware products that allow organisations to manage alarms from many diverse systems.

Compliance Tools

Tools designed to monitor every event, activation and operator action. The data collected is stored to help compliance with regulatory requirements.

Remote Connectivity

Hardware interfaces that allow remotely located systems to be easily connected and events reliably transmitted via the internet or GPRS


"Welcome to the Drax Technology website where you will find inspirational ideas and products that will add value to your alarm management processes. As a leader in compliance tools, we understand the responsibilities you have and the need to operate efficiently. With over 2500 installations worldwide, the Drax Technology team is well placed to guide you towards a solution that is right for you and your organisation. Our products and services are there to help you Monitor, Manage and Control. We think that you will find our approach professional, knowledgeable and refreshing, so regardless of the nature of your alarm management issues, speak to us now, we’d be delighted to discuss your needs". Alex Cother - Sales Director

About Drax Technology

Founded in 1997, Drax Technology is one of the UK's leading independent providers of integrated fire protection and alarm management solutions to organisations operating in a wide range of market sectors including healthcare, education, retail, government, manufacturing, transport and commercial. We are committed to ensuring the highest level of protection for people and property whilst enabling customers to comply with all business continuity and regulatory requirements.