Who we are

Drax Technology is a dynamic and innovative company with years of experience in alarm management. Our focus is to help organisations in healthcare, education, prisons, retail, manufacturing, transport and commercial sectors to meet the demands of managing modern buildings equipped with both life safety and other critical alarm systems. We have the experience and a range of products to help you reduce risk, improve efficiency and avoid prosecution.

What we do

Drax Technology designs and manufactures software and hardware interface products that allow users to connect and centrally monitor events from different manufacturers alarm systems, regardless of their location. They simplify the way that critical alarms, typically fire alarms, are viewed and provide operators with clear instructions as to what actions to take in the event of an alarm. Our solutions also enable organisations to maintain accurate records of all events and use the data to better understand the reasons behind unwanted alarms and appropriately manage resources.

How we can help

With over 2,500 installations worldwide, Drax Technology has the experience to advise how best to solve your alarm management needs. Call us for advice and let us show you how we can monitor alarms from different fire alarm manufacturer’s equipment, save you time and money, help you avoid prosecution and reduce your carbon footprint. Click here for a list of our nationwide accredited partners capable of delivering a competitive solution using Drax Technology products.