Managing Alarms

Drax Technology provides a range of software and hardware products that allow organisations to manage alarms from many diverse systems. Systems that may not otherwise be capable of being integrated because procurement policies that have resulted in the purchase of systems from  different manufacturers. Drax provides a cost effective way to connect these systems.
Alarm management solutions from Drax Technology enable users to take full and direct control of all connected alarm systems to ensure the incidence of false alarms is reduced and provide data to help demonstrate compliance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005.
Drax Technology’s powerful AMX software has evolved into one of the most versatile alarm management platforms available. It is now the alarm management system of choice for many estates, facilities and security managers. Click here to find out how Drax products can be utillised in many different applications and find a solution for you. 

Asset Tracking

Our new Assetwhere range of products are designed to help you locate life safety related assets using the latest wireless and GPS technologies. Small discreet battery powered wireless transmitters capable of transmitting more than 500,000 times before a replacement is needed can be affixed to normally static items such as fire doors, fire dampers, fire extinguishers and escape chairs.

Our sophisticated portal allows management to monitor the location of equipment using google maps and zoom-in to precisely locate items using overlaid Autocad drawings. Reports can also be downloaded to show the availability and use of fixed assets.

Remote Connectivity

Drax Technology supplies a range of hardware interfaces that ensure many different manufacturers systems can be seamlessly integrated to facilitate one alarm management solution. These interfaces enable Drax Technology accredited partners to deliver a solution using compliant and compatible components that provide a resilient, reliable and user friendly alarm management system.
Connected technology allows users to access data showing activations from any internet-enabled device including laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones.  This enhances system management, speeds up repair and reduces maintenance costs. Click here to find out how Drax products can be utillised in many different applications and find a solution for you.

SMaRT Watch – This discreet unit connects via a serial port to an alarm control panel and transmits alarm and device information across the internet. SMaRT Watch is typically used to connect smaller addressable fire alarm systems.
SMaRT Cube – Similar to SMaRT Watch but can buffer large amounts of data. SMaRT Cube is normally connected to larger addressable fire or, other alarm networks. 
SMaRT Web – A low cost, easy to install module, connected to the alarm control panel, that sends data via GPRS to the SMaRT Web server. Notification of alarms, forthcoming service visits or weekly testing can be sent directly to your mobile device.