Drax Technology
0345 459 3005 info@draxtechnology.com
Our History
  1. 1997
    Drax (UK) Established

    AMX launched
  2. 1998
    Launch of Secure Networking Product
  3. 2004
    Oxford University AMX upgrade
  4. 2006
    Launch of the Safe and Secure Project at the John Radcliff NHS Trust in partnership with NHS Estates
  5. 2009
    2000th dongle install

    Launch of SmartCube
  6. 2012
    Launch of SmartWatch

    Major Fire Network at Dublin Airport

    Partner Network Established
  7. 2014
    Drax Technology brand established
  8. 2015
    SmartWeb launch
  9. 2017
    3000th dongle install
  10. 2018
    Drax Technology launching a range of new connected products

Our focus

is to help organisations in healthcare, education, prisons, retail, manufacturing, transport and commercial sectors to meet the demands of managing modern buildings equipped with life safety equipment and systems.

We are committed

to ensuring the highest level of protection for people and property as well as assisting our customers, big and small, to comply with regulatory requirements.

Our ethos

is one of evolution rather than revolution; a strategy that ensures sophisticated, user friendly and reliable products are always delivered to our customers. We design products that help reduce their workload in an increasingly legislative environment.
What our Customers Say
Our team are experienced, friendly and great at what they do
Alex Cother

Alex has worked in the fire safety and buildings sector for 40 years and can draw upon a wide range of experiences through dealing with a diverse portfolio of end users, from hospitals to royal palaces.

Keith Minster

Keith has 35 years sales and marketing experience in the fire industry. He is committed to Drax Technology’s goal of delivering innovative new solutions to a wider audience.

Chris Wilkinson

Chris works closely with partners to deliver the best solution for their customer. He is specialised in designing systems that are unique to the project requirements.